Medical Devices


Great expertise in the classification, development, registration and production of Medical Devices

Laboratori Plants produces medical devices on behalf of third parties, operates with the aid of state-of-the-art machinery and takes care to coordinate every aspect of product certification, including biocompatibility and stability tests and drafting of the technical file

All our production follows scrupulous internal procedures, in compliance with the cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), within suitable laboratories. The certification of the company system is rigorously carried out in each phase of production and in all internal processes where process certification is required (order management, warehouse, production, safety).

What we produce

Our object is the formulation of high-tech products, which take into account new scientific knowledge, therefore capable of bringing the desired effects quickly and effectively.

Vaginal douches

Vaginal gels

Rectal gels

Intimate cleansers

Nose spray & Ear

Nasal wash solutions & Ear