Plants Laboratories, Industrial Pharmaceuticals, Craft Quality!


The Company is specialized in the production of medium and large lots for third parties, of:

Medical devices

Medical devices: Gel e lavender


Cosmetics: Cream e Gel

Primary packaging lines

There are several primary packaging lines: Blisters for tablets and capsules, Sachets, Vials with or without measuring cap, Liquid and semi-solid packaging and Pillars.

Food supplements

Food Supplements: Tablets, Capsules, Powders and Syrups

We support our customers in formulating and designing innovative and reliable products on the market, we make changes to existing products to make them more and more effective, we take care of registration at the Ministry of Health.

Our history


The Laboratori Plants born in the late 80s for the passion of Dr. Giovanni Ruggeri, who together with Dr. Luisa Coletta, have made this passion a reality that has been operating for about thirty years. Since then, Research, Health and Wellness are firmly closed at the core of the activity, around which the pharmaceutical company was built.

The company's primary objective, since its inception, is to understand the needs of production, logistics, communication and cost optimization, offering quality products that satisfy the customer


Our Values: Reliability, Innovation and Competence

The company is subscribed to the Ministry of Scientific Research and to date it collaborates with the Department of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Messina and the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Catania, with which every year they carry out numerous research projects and pharmaceutical innovation.

The company produces unique, safe and reliable, patented and proven products. A Research and Development department, which makes use of pharmaceutical expertise and specialization in various sectors of its professionals, to develop innovative formulas and submit them to clinical tests that evaluate their effectiveness.

Products Line

We are constantly working to increase the safety and effectiveness of our products


Each phase of the production cycle is subjected to chemical-physical and microbiological control, aimed at focusing and preventing any risks that may arise during the production phases.

The Laboratori Plants are able to produce and analyze products on the basis of specifications, providing the right support through trained and constantly updated personnel, ensuring professionalism and the highest level of quality required in production.


Laboratories Plants offers a wide range of services relating to regulatory affairs, which are managed by a team coordinated by a special expert, as required by current legislation.

Management of ministerial notification practices

Label development and control according to current legislation

Dossier drafting as per DM del 10/08/2018

Research of raw materials supported by clinical / scientific studies

Development of folders/communication material

Training of formation