We specialize in the production of tablets, capsules, sachets, syrups and liquids.

What we produce


We offer many types of tablets by shape and size. The tablets are regularly tested for the physical specifications of disintegration, friability and hardness.

The tablets of our third party production can be classified according to their destination:






The capsules are single-dose pharmaceutical forms for oral use inside which granules and powders can be introduced. They consist essentially of gelatin (animal or vegetable type).

Our high-end machinery with the help of highly qualified operators are essential to create a flawless capsule.

Our production includes capsules in:

Animal gelatine

Vegetable gelatine

Acid resistant


Granulation is a process that allows you to transform crystalline or amorphous powders into solid aggregates that have more favorable characteristics for industrial processes, such as: flow, dosability, compressibility and distribution. Our bagging machines produce compliant and constant products of weight and quality.

Thanks to our various bagging machines and thanks to the type of pack, our sachets offer very high quality standards. Each batch is checked scrupulously, even visually.

Our production includes Sachets of:

2 gr to 100 gr


We carry out various feasibility tests for each liquid compound, especially to find the right aroma. We collaborate with various flavor industries and are always up to date with new techniques and new flavorings and sweeteners.

Our production includes Liquids from 5ml to 10000ml


Single-dose vials

Single-dose vials with reservoir cap

Regulatory Consultancy

Carefully studied combinations of natural, plant and bio active ingredients, supported by authoritative scientific studies, take shape within the innovative Research & Development laboratories to ensure the success of the final product.

LaboratoriPlants deploys a complete service for the development of "tailor-made" projects. An integrated cycle that includes specific activities related to formulation, graphics, production, regulatory and internationalization aspects, managed directly by the team of professionals under the company. The resources involved ensure that the products have the quality required for their intended use and compliance for placing on the market.